Infection Control Forums and Discussion Topics

Forums and discussion groups are great places to network, find answers, align common goals and create awareness (dealing with hygiene and infection control topics in our context).


To help you become better connected and gain knowledge, OUTFOX has compiled this list of the most popular online forum websites.  If you would like to add your favorite forum/discussion, please contact us!


-School Discussions (for teachers, school health nurses, administrators, school food service employees and so forth)



-Medical Discussions (for infection preventionists, nurses, infection control trainers, epidemiologists, hospital/clinic administrators, health quality control specialists, CNAs, HR (new employee orientation) and so forth)


-Food Service Discussions (for industrial food service companies, restaurants, restaurateurs, quality control specialists, HR (new employee orientation), food handling instructors, compliance mangers (OSHA, FDA, etc.), misc. trainers and so forth)