Infection Control Partners

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The following are partners of OUTFOX.

Been Bitten Food Blog

Been Bitten is a blog that features a lot of Food Safety tips for the safety of customers at restaurants. They share information on hand washing, correct food handling, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), heating and cooling food, storing food properly, meat handling, and general foodborne illness information. Visit them for food safety and hand hygiene fun... and catch a good recipe while you're there!

The Patient Pod

Great product that is continually being introduced in new facilities. Such an important item that most patients don't think of.

Glo Germ

The Glo Germ company has been around the longest and provides the best options for infection control training kits, in terms of simulation germs. Glo Germ started as orange fluorescent oil that shines bright under an ultraviolet light. Their Glo Germ Powder (fluorescent powder) has also been a staple of many health, food services, and educational institutions. However, nothing is more popular than the Glo Germ Gel that is offered. The Gel goes on clean and clear (so not detectable with the normal eye) and shines bright under the black light. 

Glo Germ has kept with what has worked and is liked by many infection control preventionists.

Brevis (Glitterbug)

Brevis is a company dedicated to the distribution of Fluorescent Lotion and Fluorescent Powder (Glitterbug Potion). However, above all else, they dedicate a lot of time to developing fun and interesting tools to teach hand washing lessons. You can always count on Brevis Corp to come up with funny hand hygiene posters, handwashing reminder cards, and infection control lessons. They also have a great offering of ultra violet lamp lights.

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