OUTFOX Press Release: 10% of Profits to Benefit Low Income Areas with Hygiene Training Kits

posted Nov 19, 2011, 11:26 AM by Todd Fox   [ updated Nov 23, 2013, 4:07 PM ]

Press Release



For Immediate Release



Low Income Areas to Receive Free Hygiene Training Kits

-10% of All Profits will be used to Gift Hand Hygiene Packets to Schools, Homeschool Groups, Childcares and other Student Organizations.


With a large percentage of outbreaks occurring in low income areas, OUTFOX will be donating hygiene training kits to reduce the spread of infection.  Teachers who receive kits will be chosen based on peer nominations and the area's needs (local and international).


Hand hygiene trainings have proven to decrease the likelihood of an outbreak and teacher/student absences.  Costs associated with outbreak control, teacher absences, substitution wages and other effects of illness can be a large burden on learning institutions.  The 10% of profits will teach thousands of children through simple lessons how to wash their hands, maintain a clean environment and live according to sound health principles.  Trainings have been created for the purpose of scaling to most audiences and do not require the teacher to be health-savvy.


OUTFOX Prevention is an organization that brings clinical-level training tools to different industries in order to help improve health conditions.  Specifically, OUTFOX has modified the clinical materials, tools and trainings to fit the education industry.  OUTFOX's main goal is to make hygiene and infection control a fun and engaging experience for children. 


Reducing the likelihood of an outbreak through lessons helps improve the learning environment and allows teachers to do what they do best.  Removing major health concerns in classrooms can help improve the performance of the students and retention of information.


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