Holiday Infection Control Idea for the Classroom: I WASH You a Merry Christmas

posted Dec 3, 2012, 12:39 PM by Todd Fox   [ updated Aug 11, 2013, 11:07 AM ]
Happy Holidays Teachers! 

Have you gotten your flu shot yet? If I braved the needle, you can too! Do it! 

What a crazy time of year in the classroom. We just get through the first of the year and get our classes looking like well oiled machines, and then the Christmas season hits. We have class parties, sing-a-longs, crafts and fun units to teach. It seems like December is the busiest month for a teacher! 

It’s tough to talk to a student about hygiene. It’s a very personal issue and we don’t want to come across as offensive or insensitive. We often don’t know the situation that a student is coming from at home when they get to school. If you have a student that is dirty or often sick, start by asking about their home and family. You’d be surprised how much a kid will tell you if you ask!
Asking questions about what jobs they have at home or if they help clean up dinner can give you information on the hygiene in their home. Once you have an idea, you can guide your hygiene lessons or know what to send home to help out. 

A few years ago, I walked into the school with one of my colleagues who had her arms full of grocery bags stuffed with shampoo, soap, tissues and hand sanitizer. She told me there was a boy in her class who was always dirty and sick. When she asked him about his home, he shared with her that his mom often had to decide between buying hygiene supplies and buying food for their family. That broke my colleague’s heart, so she got donations from people in her neighborhood to pass on to this family! What a great example of a teacher who went above and beyond her job! 

We can all follow this example on a smaller scale. Instead of sending home crayons or pencils, why not send your students home with some soap? That will send the parents a good hint on the importance of hygiene in your classroom. Attach a note saying “I WASH you a Merry Christmas!”
Your students will get a kick out of it and the parents will appreciate the extra boost during flu season! Find small ways to send home the lessons your students are learning at school, since you’re doing your best to send them home without germs. 

While you’re in a gifting mood, why not give yourself the gift of a clean and healthy classroom? Order your GermBling kit to reward yourself for the amazing job you’re doing in the classroom. 

Goodbye Germs! 

Mrs. T
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