June Germ Blog: Follow the OUTFOX Pinterest and Norwex

posted Jun 5, 2013, 11:58 AM by Todd Fox   [ updated Aug 11, 2013, 11:03 AM ]

Dear Teachers-

We made it!!! The end of another year is upon us and I hope you made it through the year alive and well!

This year has been rough. I don’t know about you, but I plan to spend at least a week in my pajamas sipping Diet Cokes on my couch. I’m ready for a nice long break. Maybe I’ll even get up enough energy to take a chair on the back patio, but I’m not setting my sights too high for the first few days.  I’m sure you’re all with me in that plan.

While I’m sitting in the glow of the sun (or the tv, either one) I’m going to spend some quality time with Pinterest. I love to look for new recipes or new ideas for baby M. I’m going to avoid teaching pins like the plague right now, am I right? But in August I’ll be surfing through boards of vocabulary games again. While you’re spending your quality time, find and follow the OUTFOX board! It’s full of great hygiene ideas for home and forschool. My favorite pin on there right now is a great idea for a portable hand washing station. What a great idea for camping, BBQs or trips to the beach! It will not only keep everyone clean and healthy, but will really teach your family that hygiene is important and not optional.

On a different note (totally not school related)- I got talked in to trying a new product for washing my face. I have to confess that I am TERRIBLE at washing my face at the end of the day! I get so tired and after taking out my contacts and brushing my teeth I am ready for bed. My friend talked me into trying a Norwex cloth. Has anyone tried it? Norwex products (according to their website- I’m not pretending I understand the science) use tiny silver fibers as natural cleaner. So you get the cloth wet and scrub your face and then you’re done. My kind of product. I ordered a few of the face towels and have been pretty pleased so far! They get gross after a few days with mascara smears, but are washable. My face is so smooth after using it! I have been pretty happy with it, but a lot of that is my laziness factor at 11:00 pm at night. They have a lot of different products and I’m interested in trying out a few more!

Okay, it’s June so that’s enough for you to read. Leave a comment- what’s your favorite cleaning/hygiene/sanitation product? Share your good ideas and follow OUTFOX on Pinterest!

Goodbye Germs! (And hellooooo summer!)

Mrs. T  

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