Student Cleanliness Helps Increase Health Levels- Hygiene and Infection Control at School

posted Oct 18, 2012, 7:31 AM by Todd Fox   [ updated Aug 11, 2013, 11:09 AM ]

The Importance of Student Cleanliness

As students the world over start or return back at college and university this fall it is a worrying time for many parents as they either continue with their studies or embark on life away from home for the first time.
Parents worry about how their children will cope away from home and its associated comforts and stand on their own two feet. Whilst for many it is a proud moment as their son or daughter takes their first real steps towards independence and adulthood, it is also concerning to wonder if they will cope mentally and physically in the challenges ahead.
For the students themselves it can be a daunting experience as they not only need to concentrate on their studies but also make new friends as well as care for themselves practically speaking, perhaps for many for the first time.

Teaching basic health and hygiene

Whilst parents will have instilled in their children basic health and hygiene practices when it comes to cleanliness for themselves and their environments, it is perhaps not until a person starts at college or university that these skills really become vital.
Just like any new environment and one populated by lots of people it is easy for it to become a hotbed of germs and bacteria which can spread infection and disease if not kept clean and tidy. This is why even though students are stereotypically messy beings it is a better situation for them to keep their environments tidy, both private dwellings and shared areas in order to have a better chance of staying healthy.
To some degree the educational establishment or owner of student accommodation has a responsibility to ensure that shared facilities are kept as clean and germ free as possible. This will demonstrate to students the level of cleanliness expected of them and in turn may encourage them to stay on top of things.

Insurance Precautions

In terms of insurance it is easy to think about securing one’s property away from home above that of personal wellbeing but studying away from home is not just about the risk to personal belongings it is also about the risk to one’s health. As such exploring student health insurance to protect your child from any unforeseen health issues will give parents added peace of mind. This is particularly useful if your child is studying somewhere so far away you cannot reach them quickly or go an pick them up without embarking on a very long journey.  In addition to this having separate student cover for your child can mean reduced premiums for parents as it can be more cost effective than adding them to your own health insurance policy.

Clean environment means a healthy mind

What is perhaps most encouraging for both students and parents alike is that research has in the past demonstrated that a clean and hygienic learning environment leads to better academic results. The research from 2008 said that 84% of students believed learning spaces should be kept extremely clean and at the same time reported that 88% felt that a messy environment was conducive to a poor learning atmosphere.
With this in mind it is perhaps most important for educational establishments to take note and ensure that they can deliver the very highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene in their buildings and accommodation. Not only will this set them apart in terms of their reputation but will also be a big attraction for parents and students.

Student lifestyles

There is no doubt that the rapid pace and endless activities involved in student life can take its toll on student health and inevitably students cannot stay healthy all of the time. However, by eliminating the risk to students by having clean living, recreational and learning spaces the risks are reduced.
It is also clear that for optimum health there is a role to be played by the learning institution as well as the parents and students themselves. Providing this joint effort is in place will mean that hygiene levels are within the control of all parties involved.
What is important is that students can embark on studies away from home without unnecessary risk to their health and taking preventative measures to eliminate germs from their environment will be to the benefit of all concerned. 
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