Winners at the UEA Convention 2011 (Booth #525 OUTFOX Prevention)

posted Oct 23, 2011, 8:04 PM by Todd Fox   [ updated Aug 11, 2013, 11:25 AM ]
Thank you to all that entered our drawing!  It was fun to speak with everyone about germs, illnesses, children's bad hygiene practices, funny health stories, Glo Germ, the FOX Symbol, Peggy Pink Eye and other health topics.  We can all agree that health and hygiene is a huge topic for elementary school teachers! 
I will also be compiling some of the answer statistics that were found at the bottom of the entry form... from what I saw- 95% of teachers know that hygiene lessons work! 
Please see the names of the winners for the drawing below.  If you did not win but would like to obtain Glo Germ, a Hygiene Instructional Manual or other infection control materials please see the tabs above or links on the right of this page.  Thank you for all the support at the show.  It truly was a success in many aspects!  Let's all OUTFOX germs together and realize less illness and disease!

Day 1

-Judy Chesley (Glo Germ Kit)

-Tammy Crook (Glo Germ Powder)

-Patty Trimble (Hygiene Manual)


Day 2

-Tami Flygore (Glo Germ Lotion)

-Amy Russell (Hygiene Manual)

-Natalie Young (Hygiene Manual)


Please contact us with questions.  Thanks!