Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do I suggest new products or services?

We attribute a lot of OUTFOX’s success to customers, industry professionals and other individuals that believe in the social movement for better hygiene and infection control. We welcome all suggestions and recommendations. Depending on the idea, we may add it to our manuals, trainings, assessments or other developments. If we can find your suggested item through one of our affiliate programs (i.e. Amazon, etc.) we will post it online as soon as possible. We will continually work with you as the idea is developed into a product or service. Please contact us and we will record your ideas. We appreciate your proactive actions.


How long until I can expect my order?

Your order will arrive in 5-7 business days after the date of order unless otherwise specified. If your order is being processed by a company with a tracking system (i.e. UPS, FedEx, etc.), a tracking number should be issued to you. Inquiries for shipping statuses are handled by the respective shipper and not by OUTFOX. If you should have a tracking number but do not (or if you have lost your tracking number), please contact us. If ordering through an affiliate program (i.e. Amazon, etc.) then contact them directly.

What payment options are available?

OUTFOX accepts checks, money orders, and all major credit cards. Orders by mail, email, phone, fax or other means other than online credit card transactions will not be processed until payment has been received or the vendor credit profile has been accepted. Check or money orders are only accepted by OUTFOX, not by Amazon and other affiliate providers.

Are there career opportunities with OUTFOX?

OUTFOX management is always searching for top recruits to work with the current OUTFOX team. Current openings include local and region sales representatives. Please inquiry for open positions/opportunities by email, mail or fax. Please include a cover letter and resume. Use the information on our contact us page to submit your interest.

What types of partnerships are available with OUTFOX?

OUTFOX is interested in any degree of partnership (full or partial). Our partnerships are similar to our sponsorships in that they can be monetary or non-monetary. Specifically, OUTFOX supports health fairs, association meetings, school assemblies and other events that are based on good causes. We partner with time, supplies, services, advice, referrals and other means to help further other organizations’ goals. We also consider all distribution partnerships. Please contact us for partnership opportunities.

What is the best way to report an issue to OUTFOX?

OUTFOX would like to hear from you whether you have a compliment or complaint. We reward customers that allow replicable testimonies. We will work with you to help resolve any questions or concerns. If you are not satisfied please let us know so we can improve your experience with OUTFOX and the experience of future customers. Company representatives are standing by to handle your concerns by phone, fax, email or mail. Please contact us anytime.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Changes and cancellations must be completed before the order is shipped to avoid fees. Order changes and exchanges are allowed given that the respective shipping and handling costs are paid by the customer. Returned items must not be opened and be in no way damaged. Cancelling shipped orders will result in credit being issued for the retail price of the item, not including tax, shipping and handling. We do not handle cancelled orders for Amazon and other affiliate providers.

What is OUTFOX’s return policy?

The return policy only applies to items shipped directly from OUTFOX, not from Amazon and other affiliate providers.  See the return policy here.

Are there any current promotions available?

All promotions can be found on our homepage, Free Lesson Plans page, or Free Stuff page. Please contact us if you have further questions.


What type of sponsorships does OUTFOX participate in?

OUTFOX supports health fairs, association meetings, school assemblies and other events that are based on good causes. We sponsor with time, supplies, services, advice, referrals and other means to help partner with other organizations and events. Please contact us with sponsorship requests.

What are OUTFOX’s privacy and copyright policies?

OUTFOX seeks to educate the largest number of people possible, but has a simple set of privacy and copyright requirements. Please see the requirements on our About Us page.

What does OUTFOX do?

OUTFOX authors manuals, provides infection control materials, tests and keeps up with the latest trends and so forth. Keep checking back or join the OUTFOX Newsletter Mailing List to stay up to date with the best practices.

What is OUTFOX’s main product?

The Hygiene Instructional Manual (School, Medical, Food Service Editions) is OUTFOX’s main product. The manual complements products by Glo Germ, Glitterbug, GermJuice and other hygiene and sanitation providers. OUTFOX works to be a provider and innovator in the hygiene and infection control industries.