Black Light Product Reviews

Black Lights


Portable Black Light 6 inch

OUTFOX recommends the 6 inch black light over the flashlight because the wand spreads out the illumination to see more of the simulation germs on each hand.  The black light is portable, running off of batteries.  It is recommended to have a few black light options available for your infection control activities or hygiene trainings.  You never know when your black light has been used to its capacity and needs a new bulb.  The last thing you want is to start a simulation germ session and disappoint students when the black light does not work.  This light option is low cost and does not require the instructor to invest a lot of money to get started training their students or employees.


Handheld Ultraviolet Black Light Flashlight

The handheld black light is recommended because of how easy it is to carry around.  It is convenient because it is less likely to have a bulb break than a black light wand.  If you want a something for a quick check or to have a more concentrated stream of light use the black light flashlight.  The flashlights have historically lasted longer than the bar fluorescent lights.  Although the illumination is not superb, the flashlight should be a permanent fixture for any training kit.  Make sure to keep enough batteries in case they run out or age past a useful state.  Keep your flashlight with your hygiene kit and use often with infection control programs.