Disclosure Centers for Black Lights

Disclosure Center Information

Disclosure Centers are convenient methods for looking at simulation fluorescent germs on the hands of your students, coworkers, or community members in normal light.  Meaning, you no longer need a dark room to conduct hand washing trainings!  

Simply apply the Glo Germ gel on the hands, verify the simulation germs glow in the box using a UV Black Light in the disclosure center, wash your hands and finally check how well you did once more under the black light.  Bet you'll see germs you missed while washing!  

Disclosure Centers (also known as black boxes, germ viewing stations, glo boxes, germ centers, infection control training kits, etc.), are effectively used in hospitals, health centers, schools, day cares, preschools, restaurants, food services and other organizations to teach higher hygiene standards.

You can make your own disclosure center with a cardboard box, paint and some tape.  Contact us for more information!  

Hand Washing Training Kits

Disclosure Centers are not available for sale at this time.  Sorry for the inconvenience.