Fluorescent Gel and Lotion Product Reviews

Fluorescent Lotion


Glo Germ Gel 8 oz

This size and type of fluorescent gel (Glo Germ) is most recommended by OUTFOX for hygiene and infection control trainings. In order to do an average size group comfortably, you will need at least an 8 oz bottle size. It will generally last for several infection control activity sessions, but you might as well play safe with more than needed. The gel goes on smooth and generally does not stain or ruin clothing, furniture or other fixtures. The illumination of the gel seems to be very effective (although not as visible as the powder). It is recommended to buy one of these units in conjunction with a kit to ensure that you will not run out, especially as you are learning the best practices on the amount to apply.    

Glo Germ Gel 2 oz

The 2 oz size caters to those wanting to test out the Glo Germ system or for families looking to teach their children higher hygiene and infection control standards. If you are not sold on the concept that showing simulation germs will increase the health standards of your class, department or home then this may be the size to start with. OUTFOX is confident that you will likely upgrade to a larger size once you see the system’s effect and realize that ALL your students want to see simulation germs on their hands. There is little risk when only a small amount is invested in a small kit. It may be beneficial to train the top level managers first to get the buy in so that trainings can be conducted all the way down the employment scale. For schools, the principal (or OUTFOX can train) should train teachers and they can subsequently train their students.   



Glo Germ Gel Push Top 8 oz

The Glo Germ Push Top is effective because it releases just the right amount of gel each pump for your infection control activity dealing with simulation germs. Your students will learn great hygiene principles as they apply the gel, check their hands under the fluorescent black light, wash their hands and then check to see where germs still reside. This is pump bottle is highly recommended by OUTFOX. 8 oz. is a good size that will last several trainings, depending on the size of the groups. OUTFOX has found that most instructors prefer the pump top because of convenience and the pump can be locked so that nothing is spilled during transportation.  

Glo Germ Oil 8 oz

Glo Germ Oil is also recommended by OUTFOX but not as highly as is the Gel. It is most recommended to have a bottle of Oil and Gel so that the students can choose which to use during your hygiene or infection control lesson. The orange oil has been a signature color for Glo Germ for many years. There may be imitations but nothing compares to the original! OUTFOX has partnered with Glo Germ because of their history and because their drive to continually create products that will help OUTFOX germs. We liked Glo Germ so much that we have featured their name and products in manuals that OUTFOX has developed. No health promotion training dealing with germs is complete without Glo Germ!