Revealing Powder Product Reviews

Fluorescent Powder


Glo Germ Powder 4 oz

OUTFOX recommends the fluorescent Powder over the Gel or Oil becomes it shines more brilliantly under the black light.  The fluorescent powder is pure and not mixed with a substance (oil or gel) allowing for more enhanced health trainings.  Sprinkle the powder (simulation germs) on door hands, pencils, sink handles and other effects to demonstrate germ spreading for a hygiene or infection control program.  If you can find a make-up brush without other powders, dip it in the container for a more even spread.  Store the make-up brush in a sealed bag to eliminate fluorescent powder from spreading all over.  You can also use the powder to simulate a sneeze by placing a small amount in your palm and blowing.  Use the black light to see how far the germs traveled.

GlitterBug Fluorescent Powder 4 oz

Glo Germ is one of the original producers of fluorescent products for hygiene and infection control activities.  OUTFOX recommends using GlitterBug products to conduct health promotions, hand washing initiatives, and trainings dealing with hygiene principles.  The 4 oz size will likely last through 4-5 sessions but may be more or less depending on the number of students.  Teaching hygiene principles with GlitterBug will help keep your class or department clean and help spread less illness and disease.  The powder is recommended to be purchased alongside a kit to ensure that you do not run out in the middle of a training.