GlitterBug Lotion and Powder

GlitterBug Fluorescent materials for infection control.

GlitterBug Potion 8oz 

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GlitterBug Powder

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GlitterBug Fluorescent Potion

GlitterBug Potion is a smooth lotion packed full of fluorescent materials that glow a brilliant blue under a UV Black Light. 

GlitterBug is a great infection control tool for hand washing trainings, environmental cleaning, glove removal testing, gown removal testing, CDC orientation, cleaning verification, hygiene reminders and many other infection control activities. 

The GlitterBug Potion comes with a convenient pump top bottle that dispenses the appropriate amount of lotion for maximum germ verification.  Use this bottle for many infection control trainings in hospitals, schools, food establishments, at home or in your business/community organization.

GlitterBug Fluorescent Powder

GlitterBug Powder is effective for showing how germs spread quickly.  The powder is easily applied on hands, gowns, gloves, privacy curtains, linens, healthcare machines and other areas. 

Test employees, conduct a simulation germ show or use the GlitterBug Powder to teach how to clean best.  Infection control trainings can be fun and exciting when you use GlitterBug!

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