Glo Germ Mist

Glo Germ Mist spray and refill bottle

Save $6 by purchasing the Glo Germ mist spray and refill bottle together. 

Glo Germ Mist spray

Glo Germ Mist spray bottle. Non-aerosol, pump bottle allows for cough and sneeze demonstration for germ spreading.

Glo Germ Mist refill bottle

Use the Glo Germ Mist refill bottle to fill your mist pump spray. Using the refill saves you from buying a new pump bottle each time.

Glo Germ Mist Basic Kit

Get a complete infection control training kit with the Mist Basic Kit. You get a Mist spray, refill bottle, and a UV black light.

Glo Germ Mist Deluxe Kit

This Glo Germ Mist Deluxe Kit includes that following: Glo Germ MIST Spray Canister, MIST Refill (8 oz), Glo Germ Gel (8 oz), Glo Germ Powder, Surface Cleaning Detection Gel (2 oz) and a 21 LED UV Flashlight all in an easy to carry case. Use it for classrooms, restaurants, hazmat training, food handling classes, hospitals, and so forth.

What is Glo Germ Mist

Glo Germ Mist is a new form of Glo Germ (fluorescent simulation germs). The mist comes in a non aerosol (good for the environment), pump spray can. Glo Germ Mist spray can is easily refillable for your continued use. The spray glows under a UV black light, showing where and how far germs can travel. 

Some think that sneezing and coughing doesn't spread germs like health professionals report, but see for yourself! Airborne microbes can contaminate rooms, vehicles, and other public places.

Glo Germ Mist can be used in the following ways (but not limited to):
  • Cough simulation (germ spreading)
  • Sneeze simulation
  • Airborne infection simulaiton
  • Hazmat training
  • Surface cleaning
  • Hand shake demonstration
  • Door handle germs
  • Shopping cart handle training
  • Splatter training
  • Donning and removing gloves
  • Donning and removing gowns
  • Donning and removing other PPE (personal protective equipment)

Who should use Glo Germ Mist?

  • Infection Preventionists
  • Hospital administrators
  • Healthcare trainers
  • Hand washing instructors
  • Restaurant managers
  • Food safety instructors
  • First aid teachers
  • EMT instructors
  • Environmental cleaning managers
  • Grade school teachers
  • Infection control professionals

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Black Lights for Infection Control