Hand Washing Packet Product Reviews

Glo Germ Mini Kit


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The Glo Germ Mini Kit is perfect for families, small groups or quick inspections. The small gel bottle and flashlight work well for simple operations and can be used in hygiene lessons, infection control activities, or other health promotions. OUTFOX recommends this for a starter kit but not for an organization that will continually conduct germ and hand washing trainings. These kits are well paired with an OUTFOX Hygiene Instructional Manual. They are made to be portable in order to be used often. This allows instructors to be on the move, in remote areas and also save the travel time for the group. If you aren’t completely sold that this product will help your organization or school (from outbreaks), this kit is the one to buy initially.

Glo Germ Portable Sanitation Kits General Usage

Versions (Simple, Classic, Uprgraded Classic, Variety, Etc.)

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These Glo Germ kits for instructors that pack light when they travel around for food service training, hand washing, general hygiene knowledge and other infection control trainings. You can always upgrade when your operations or training classes increase. This kit will be good for awhile. The only thing that you will need to concerned about is the black light. The last thing you want to have happen is your black light (or battery) go out during a training. The training will lose effectiveness if students are not able to see the hyped “fluorescent germs.” It is recommended to have back up items for each.  

Glo Germ Kit 1003 with Gel

Versions (Simple, Classic, Uprgraded Classic, Variety, Etc.)

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It is almost always more economical to buy a kit rather than the parts separately. OUTFOX recommends trying this kit and then upgrading if necessary. This kit will take care of most of the hygiene lessons, infection control activities, environmental cleaning and other trainings you will want to do with your class or group. In addition to a recommended back-up black light and batteries, you will want make sure to have enough fluorescent powder or gel. Do you share your kit with other instructors? It is unwise to just assume that the instructor before you will leave enough left for your training. Most people that borrow do not take the time and money to refill once they are done. In this case, you should look into buying additional separate pieces (or multiple kits).

(Glo Germ Kit 1005 with Gel)


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Even after conducting hundreds of trainings, OUTFOX still loves to see the expressions on the faces of students as they see the simulation germs on their hands! Your germ training is sure to be a hit when using this kit. The light effectively illuminates the germs and points out where they need improvement. There are many hygiene and infection control uses for the fluorescent powder or fluorescent lotion which include food service training, poor hygiene examples, environmental contamination and cleaning, germ spreading and other infection control topics. Buy this kit to test out how well your students or employees can improve on their hand washing and cleaning skills. 

(Glo Germ Kit 1006 with Gel)

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Need a bigger light? This kit provides a larger light which helps illuminate the simulation germs to make your infection control training more effective. This hygiene lesson will continually stick with your students as they go to wash their hands, clean up an area or touch their face. Use this kit for real life examples by spreading the fluorescent powder or fluorescent lotion on door knobs, pencils, cups, and other items that our hands touch. Show the class how far the germs spread by turning out the light and turning on the black light. The larger light is beneficial but can also be a liability in your kit. History has shown that larger lights do not have the same life value as shorter lights and especially are out lived by Ultraviolet LED black lights. At the time of purchase it is recommended to get the refill lights immediately.  

Glo Box Kit With Germ Gel

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This kit is perfect for an instructor that intends to continually hold hygiene, infection control and hygiene trainings often. If possible, OUTFOX recommends teaching this lesson constantly to the same class throughout the year but giving it different twists and angles. For example, use it for hand washing the first time around. Next, use it to show environmental contamination and environmental cleaning. Finally, it could be done as an experiment by placing germs in part of the class or office and see if traces of the simulation germs can be found. The Glo Box creates a darker space for the fluorescent germs to be better illuminated. The box also doubles as a carrying case that can increase the convenience of the training for the instructor. The Glo Germ Box can have a designated area in the school or work area so all instructors can be reminded when training is necessary.  

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This kit is the most recommended kit for OUTFOX hygiene trainings because of the scope of its contents. The included Glo Box is perfect for larger groups and allows for hands free viewing (eliminating the need to hold the black light as students check their hands). The freed hands of the instructor, allows them to grade the students’ hand washing ability by viewing how many simulation germs remain after washing (see the hand washing test pages in the Hygiene Instructional Manual). The Glo Box also provides shade from the classroom’s light which further illuminates the infection and simulation viruses. No one likes to have to carry in multiple items that slide off and break, the Glo Box keeps all the items together and allows the instructor to easily enter and exit the training area. Use this kit and box for infection control programs or other health initiatives.  

Glo Germ Glo-Box Kit With Oil

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This Glo Box kit is also recommended but not as much as the kit with the gel. OUTFOX prefers the gel because of the oil training qualities. It has proven easier for students to apply the gel than the oil. The orange oil does illuminate quite brightly but is less desired. If you have frequent trainings, it is highly recommended to carry both the gel and oil for any type of hygiene informational meeting, health promotion or other infection control system. We recommend that you choose both forms so that you can decide for yourself which method is the best. The orange Glo Germ oil is the original materials that have been around for many years. You can decide for yourself which one your students/employees enjoy looking at the most.