Instruction Manual

Hygiene Instructional Manual with Glo Germ

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Don't let outbreaks shut you down or embarrass you. Teaching correct hygiene principles helps avoid outbreaks, embarrassing situations, district or government intervention, disciplinary actions and other negative consequences.


Protect your faculty and students with hygiene knowledge! Absences create huge problems for schools and classrooms everywhere. Avoid the amount and cost of absences (missed material, substitute wages, etc.) by conducting trainings for staff and students, posting interesting and applicable posters, hanging informative signs, and passing around our health newsletter. 

For fund-raising for a good purpose, work with one of OUTFOX’s representatives to create classroom promotions (distribute home packets to raise money for your class). If you are fund-raising, you will receive volume discounts and percentage returns for the participating school or classroom. Please contact us for suggestions or to get assistance today!

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The Hygiene Instructional Manual contains:

-Health Week Lessons
-Lessons Themed Around Holidays and School Activities
-Printable/Supplemental Pages
-Evaluation Sheets (Student and Teacher)
-Teaching Guidelines
-Hygiene Themed Games (physical and non physical)
-Hygiene Themed Activities
-Communicable Disease Information
-School Exclusion Guidelines
-Germ Pictures
-Clinical Level Icons
-190 Pages

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