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Hand Washing for Kids with Soapy

Sometimes it is easier to start a hygiene program or health week lesson with a video that gets the students engaged. OUTFOX recommends this show to prepare students to learn about hand hygiene and other health topics. Watching videos helps those students or employees that are more visual learners. Soapy is a fun character that helps students relate a fun figure with hygiene principles. Students will more likely engage in healthy habits if they have been prepped with a fun activity. You can create reminder posters about Soapy and place them around sink areas. 

Health For Children

This is a good general video that helps prepare students for a hygiene topic, infection control lesson or other health promotion. Watching general health videos especially in the beginning of the year will help students prepare for creating good habits throughout the rest of the year. This professional video can appeal to a number of students better than you can with another lesson. Ask students about health, hand hygiene, environmental cleaning and other topics dealing with illness and disease once the video is over.

Sometimes the most basic hygiene habits can create the largest benefits. Hand washing has been proven to help prevent illness and disease. Use this video to emphasize hygiene trainings, infection control initiatives and other health promotion topics. After watching the video, have the students display effective hand washing techniques. Teach the students that hand washing is more than just getting hands wet and drying them off. Emphasize that it takes soap, warm water, friction all around the hands and a clean towel. Even though the hand washing system is easy, people forget the steps when they get busy or distracted.  



My Backyard- Teeth, Oral Hygiene and the Dentist

Oral hygiene is also very important to our health. This video is best used in a health week lesson plan set. Use in conjunction with other hygiene lessons of activities dealing with infection control. Without good oral hygiene, students can never achieve optimum health because viruses and germs are not being regularly eliminated. Many people are afraid of the dentist and the work that must be done. However, if preventative measures are not undertaken then very destructive effects can occur. Start students down the path over overall good health by teaching all aspects.

Taking care of our oral health can be just as important as other health principles. Teach oral health for health week, in general hygiene lessons or to enhance other health topics that may involve infection control. How does flossing increase the overall health standard for a person? Food that is lodged in between the teeth and beneath gums can rot and contain germs that may be destructive to the person’s health. Flossing keeps mouths clean because it gets in the small cracks and crevices to reduce the chance of an illness.