OUTFOX currently has four programs.  See the following links for specific information on the available infection control programs:
        The OUTFOX Mindset
        Food Safety 
Hygiene Lessons
Hygiene lesson plans are used to answer the HOW of hygiene and infection control trainings.  There are a lot of websites that show you the WHAT of infection control, but few show you how.  To see some of these informational websites, look at our page of community and company partners in the infection control industry section.
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Get a Free Hygiene Lesson Plan

OUTFOX Lesson Plans are TURNKEY.  Meaning, you can start teaching about hygiene in minutes.  We've done all the work for you.  Plus, OUTFOX has added a template lesson system that allows you to be flexible in the creation of lessons when you need them.  Plug in activities, games, vocabulary, quizzes, tests, and other provided tools to create your optimal lesson.  
To not limit the scope of its offering, OUTFOX works with any type of company to tailor any of products and services.   Some developing areas include:


-Dental (hygienist and assistant trainings, sanitation verification, etc.)

-Banking (money handling, etc.)

-Corporate (wellness programs, minimization of employee absences, etc.)

This edition is perfect for elementary school teachers, preschool instructors, home school groups, health teachers and so forth.  The games and activities are geared toward younger ages with a germ theme!  Every page is printable.  Purchase a print or digital version
This edition is perfect for nurses, CNA and orderlies training, new employee orientation, continuing education courses, infection control programs and initiatives, nursing schools, dental hygiene training and so forth.  Add some fun to your next hygiene and infection control lesson!
This edition is perfect for restaurant managers, cooks, servers, and other service professionals working with food.  Most your employees should have a food handlers license, but many have had various levels of training.  These hygiene lessons, games, activities, etc. will help keep a clean inspection record for your organization.