Germy Halloween: Have a Happy and Healthy Halloween!

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OUTFOX Lesson: Germy Halloween

Germy Halloween



Content Objective:

The students will be able to investigate and attest to the “scariness” of germs.  The students will also participate in activities and games associated with germs and the upcoming Halloween holiday.   


Glo Germ™ System, colored paper, scissors, glue, paint, macaroni, rice, string, markers, educational and promotional posters, prizes (i.e. pencils, magnets, gift certificates, etc.), Certificates of Achievement, and other design materials


  • Halloween
  • Disease
  • MRSA
  • Flu

Building Background Knowledge:

Ask students the following questions:

  • Where does the concept of the Halloween holiday come from?
  • How do we celebrate it differently today?
  • Why are germs considered “scary?”
  • What can we do to escape scary germs and the related outcomes?



  • Look at pictures of a variety of Halloween costumes.  Look at costumes that are funny, scary, etc.
  • Use the Glo Germ™ System to illustrate how germs spread and affect us daily.
    • Have students apply the “scary” germs (Glo Germ™ Identifier Lotion or Powder).  Make sure they get it all over their hands (or apply to doorknobs, sinks, pencils, or other designated area)
    • Using the black light, show students how germs lurk on their hands
    • Have them wash their hands and check for the germs again
    • Use the Identifier Lotion or Powder for many of the activities and games supplied by OUTFOX in this manual



Before the class, hang educational and promotional posters dealing with hygiene, scary germs and the effects of illness. 


After discussing Halloween customs, costumes, and other details of the holiday, explain that the class is going to make their own set of scary germs.  It is recommended to use the Glo Germ™ System (lotion, powder, and black light) at this time to turn the students’ attention to hygiene, germs, etc.


Following the Glo Germ™ System, explain that although germs are scary, we can keep them away.  Describe ways that students can escape from the related outcomes of disease and illness (washing up, keeping a clean environment, using tissues, vaccinations, staying home when sick, etc.). 


Instruct the students that they now can build their own scary version of germs.  It is ideal to have them build germs that are at least 12” x 12” or larger.  Give them the materials they are able to use and have a prepared example for them to visualize to get their imaginations working.  Set a time limit of completion.  Hang the germs as they are completed (or dried). Display the finished scary germs on a wall, in the hall or another visible area. 

“Hands On Experience:”


  • Use the Glo Germ™ System to get their minds engaged
  • The construction activity will help build images and reminders in minds of the students

Wrap Up:


  • After the germs are completed, hang the germs on a wall, in the hall or another visible area. 
  • Conduct a vote for the prettiest germ, ugliest, scariest and best overall (or other categories you see fit).
  • Hand out Certificates of Achievement to all students for passing the germ test.
  • Provide prizes for the winners of the different categories.

Home Connection:


  • After hanging the created germs for a specified amount of time, allow the students to take their germs home.
  • Encourage the students to create germ reminders with their family members and friends.


 See the Attachment below for art project examples.


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