Hygiene Instructional Manual Home Edition

Education starts at the home.  OUTFOX is introducing the first family friendly hygiene training program.  Train kids, adults, cousins, caregivers, nannies, babysitters, etc.  Trainings help reduce doctor bills, insurance costs, work or school absences (no need to catch your children back up on assignments), and help reduce the reliance on others to teach our children (daycares, schools, etc.).  The products and services are fun and engaging, allowing you to effectively teach cleaning procedures and principals that will last a lifetime.  Please contact us for suggestions or to get assistance today!

This version is the same as the School Manual.
The Hygiene Instructional Manual contains:
-Health Week Lessons
-Lessons Themed Around Holidays and School Activities
-Printable/Supplemental Pages
-Evaluation Sheets (Student and Teacher)
-Teaching Guidelines
-Hygiene Themed Games (physical and non physical)
-Hygiene Themed Activities
-Communicable Disease Information
-School Exclusion Guidelines
-Germ Pictures
-Clinical Level Icons
-190 Pages