Cleanpen for Infection Control by Cleanint

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Reduce the amount of germs passed around by pens in your organization!  Purchase the Cleanpen Shell (which includes a sponge) and you are well on your way to a cleaner work environment.  Simply insert a pen and retrieve it from the other end to sanitize!

Who can use Cleanpen:
-Healthcare Organizations
-Dental Offices
-Schools and Other Institutions
-ANY Organization!

The following are options to purchase the Cleanpen:

Cleanpen can be placed on any desk, but it has a larger effect in high traffic areas.  For example, receptionist desks, nurse stations, teacher's desks, conference rooms, etc. are great areas for Cleanpen!

Once you have your Cleanpen shell, simply refill the sponges to continue to battle germs in your organization.  The following are options to purchase Cleanpen Sponges: 

Want more information about CleanPen?  Read the Cleanpen Product Review Here or watch the video provided below. 

OUTFOX Prevention's Recommendation
We use the Cleanpen in our office and love what it does for our customers and staff.  We love that it instills confidence in our organization and reinforces that our company feels responsible for keeping a clean environment.  We believe that having the Cleanpen system will help improve the perception of your organization to your clients.  Besides clients, your employees will have confidence that your organization is responsibly pursuing a healthier workspace...  See the rest of the Cleanpen Product Review Here

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