Customized Hand Sanitizer Product Reviews

Customized Hand Sanitizers


Purell Portable Size Hand Sanitizers Bulk

OUTFOX recommends purchasing individual hand sanitizer bottles for reminders when teaching a hygiene lesson, infection control activity or other health promotion principles.  They are perfect gifts to emphasize an OUTFOX infection control lesson.  It is increasingly more popular to carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer in normal day situations.  No longer are people just taking hand sanitizer on vacations, to parks or to other special occasions.  There is an increasing number of students that have sanitizers in their backpacks and desks.


Germ-X Waterless Hand Sanitizer 40 oz

This product is an effective option when you need a large amount of hand sanitizer where multiple people can access it.  Use the sanitizer to teach that infection control is especially important when soap and water is not present.  Use in conjunction with infection control lessons, hygiene habit principles and other health promotion topics.  Many teachers have a large hand sanitizer stationed where students can use it immediately as they come in from recess, lunch or other breaks.  Ensuring easy access guarantees that use will be high.  Habitual use at school will help increase the use of hand sanitizer at home.


Soapopular Brand Alcohol Free 6 Pack

Do you need multiple areas that require access to hand sanitizers?  When teaching a hygiene lesson, show that hand sanitizer can be used in many areas where infection control is important (i.e. keyboards, lunch areas, activity areas, etc.).  The more areas that hand sanitizer is available, the more students and employees will potentially use it.  Hand sanitizer is not expensive but can really save on costs related to illness (cost for absences, reduction of insurance costs, reduction of doctor bills, etc.). 


Go-Jo Ind Pal Instant Hand Sanitizer Desktop Dispenser w/ oz Pump Bottle

Give your hand sanitizer a personality!  Using a fun character when teaching infection control lessons and hygiene programs can be very effective.  Add this toy/hand sanitizer to your next health promotion program.  Students will love to use the character more than just a regular product.  Have the students name him if they want!  Do they want to design their own hand sanitizer dispenser?  You can use this Go-Jo Pal to ignite the imaginations of your students/employees.


Purell NXT Hand Sanitizer System- Dispenser and 2 refills

Need a permanently mounted dispenser for hand sanitizer?  This system works well and comes with 2 refills.  OUTFOX recommends having a mounted dispenser to emphasize health week lessons or other infection control discussions.  This dispenser helps reduce how much tabletop space is taken up by your hand sanitizer.  Even though a little of tabletop space saving doesn’t seem to be an imminent subject, it can make a difference.  For example, you can more easily post signs around the dispenser to help remind students and employees.


Purell NXT Space Saver Instant Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Need a permanently mounted dispenser for hand sanitizer?  OUTFOX recommends having a mounted dispenser in areas where germs frequent to emphasize health week lessons or other infection control discussions.  This is just the dispenser without the refills.  It is recommended to get the package with the initial refills, but if you have the refill supplies it is beneficial to just purchase the device.  The more dispensers you can have posted in conspicuous places, the more that people will use the hand sanitizer.  The hope of increased use of hand sanitizer is to decrease the amount of illness and disease.


Sharper Image Touch Free Sanitizer Dispenser

This product is the recommended hand sanitizer by OUTFOX because it exudes top level infection control principles with its touch-less feature.  Explain the touch-less feature benefits in hygiene programs, health promotion classes or other infection control topic discussions.  In many situations, germs are spread from the dispensers of hand sanitizer and soap.  Sharper Image is a trusted brand for electronic products, and the automatic dispenser is not an exception.  Teachers and other managers can be confident that this dispenser will function for many years to come.


Simplehuman Sensor Pump

This pump is touch-less and maintains a clean environment by not further spreading illness and disease.  This is a perfect gift for a group that just finished a hygiene program (student or employee group) or other infection control lesson set.  Some of the germs that are spread actually come from dispensers found in bathrooms, hospitals, clinics and in the classrooms.  Simplehuman pumps have a good lifetime of use and can be trusted to pay for themselves through cost savings (dealing with the reduction of illness, decreased absences, decreased negligent claims, and lower insurance/doctor costs).


Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer Premium Wipes

Don’t like hand sanitizer in liquid form?  OUTFOX recommends hand wipes because they also remove the germs and grime in addition to sanitizing.  Make sure to keep the wipes stocked after teaching students to use them as a way to sanitize in a hygiene lesson or health promotion discussion. Wipes are convenient because they can be put into purses, bags, glove boxes and other areas of transportation.  Wipes are durable and can be used to clean many areas- not just hands.  Whether you are at a restaurant, sporting event or other public area, wipes can help reduce the likelihood of you contracting a harmful disease/virus.


Wet Ones Singles Antibacterial Cleansing Wipes

Use any antibacterial product sparingly.  Although effective, antibacterial products can be overused and cause additional issues.  Weighing the pros and cons dealing with antibacterial products is a great topic for hygiene and infection control programs.  Wet Ones is a well known brand and can be trusted to deliver a quality product consistently.  Wet Ones are convenient to carry around or have stocked to clean up areas in any type of organization.  Wet Ones also has great resources that teach hygiene (educational videos, initiatives, etc.).


Babyganics Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer Wipes 75 Individual Packs

Individual wrapped wipes are recommended by OUTFOX.  Babyganics is a quality product and has a good standing reputation.  You can trust that the wipes from Babyganics will be of high quality in each packet sold.  Pass out individual wipes and show students how to sanitize during hygiene prevention lessons and other health topics.  By passing out packets, students can continue good habits at home and not just at school/work.  Teach them how they can store and use them in public places to avoid getting sick and spreading more germs.


BabyGanics Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer Wipes Canister

The large canister is perfect for areas where many people need access to sanitize.  During health topics or infection control initiatives, make sure to emphasize the use of wipes if necessary.  The large canister is a good price per piece.  For a health lesson, pass out a wipe to each student from the canister, show them how much dirt they get from their desks and then discuss how many more germs likely reside on tables (i.e. fast food restaurants) where hundreds of people use.  Teach students and employees that canisters purchased for home use can help reduce absences due to illness and other costs stemming from sicknesses.