Customized Hand Soap Product Reviews

Customized Hand Soaps


Clean And Clear Instant Dissolving Cleansing Sheets

OUTFOX recommends soap sheets when travelling.  They are light and allow you to access soap in areas without adequate hygiene supplies (parks, foreign countries, fairs, camping etc.).  Statistics show that the majority of public restrooms do not provide adequate soap.  Give these sheets as gifts or prizes during a hygiene lesson or other infection control program.  The cleansing sheets dissolve once water is added.  Work the soap into a lather to make sure to gain the maximum benefit of the soap (in testing, if the soap sheet doesn’t lather then germs are not taken off of hands).


Travelon Hand Soap Toiletry Sheets

Travelon is the recommended brand for soap sheets.  Travelon is a trusted company that consistently produces items that increase the levels of hygiene.  Carry in your suitcase, purse, car or other travel areas.  These sheets take care of a common hygiene concern that germs are often spread when one doesn’t wash with soap (water is not enough).  Use the sheets in class to demonstrate how a little water and friction create a lather that eliminates many germs.  Use with hygiene or health classes to teach how you should maintain standards even on vacation, while camping, in parks or in situations where soap is not present (i.e. emergencies, etc.).


6 Pack Hawaiian Scented Paper Soap

Want a little variety in your travel soap choice?  Students love getting a reminder or take home item when learning about health, hygiene and infection control.  They learn habits more easily when they have something to look forward to using!  Buying in a larger packet can save money and increase variety.  Buying this packet(s) for student gifts allow the students to choose the scent that appeals to them most.  Encourage the students/employees to take home the soap and show their parents, siblings and other friends how it works.


Paper Travel Soap Kit

OUTFOX recommends soap sheets when travelling.  The soap sheets are light and allow you to access soap in areas without adequate hygiene supplies (parks, foreign countries, etc.).  We all know that feeling when we are about to wash our hands and find out that there isn’t any soap to use- avoid those times with soap sheets.  Give these sheets as gifts or prizes during a hygiene lesson or other infection control program.  These sheets are to be used in a similar way as regular soap with warm water, friction and time.  Medical missions are a great place to stock soap sheets because the medical teams are often very remote.


Ology- Germ Soap Harmful Germs

Want to make your own custom bar of soap?  OUTFOX recommends making germ soap as an effective hands-on activity.  Sending students home with soap is a good reminder of the hygiene or infection control lesson you have shared in conjunction with a health program.  Making germ soap is fun and can be paired with any hygiene lesson set, infection control training, standard precautions training and so forth.  Ology is a popular brand for small packets.  Make sure to buy enough packets the size of classroom or employee group.


Ology- Germ Soap Helpful Germs

Making soap can be fun!  In addition to making germ soap symbolizing harmful germs, you can also make soap symbolizing helpful germs.  Using these soap mold can be a fun reminder when paired with an OUTFOX hygiene program, infection control activity or other health promotion.  Soap pieces made during class are good take-home items.  Encourage students to show their family, friends and others the shapes created.  Have the students teach others how to best wash their hands (at least 20 seconds, warm clean water, friction, etc.).  Have the students report back on the reaction of others regarding their creations.


Giant Microbes Soap Dispenser

Give your students a fun reminder when washing their hands!  Students are more likely to wash when a face or character is added to infection control.  Buy this Giant Microbe Dispenser and present to the students when you are conducting a hygiene lesson or other health promotion.  Have the students name the dispenser so that they can positively identify a name with the cleaning act.  Paste the name of the character on the dispenser.  Depending on the demographics, encourage the parents of students to purchase the dispenser for home use.