Cyber Clean and Related Product Reviews

Cyber Clean


Cyber Clean 25059 Pop-up Cup 5.11 oz

Cyber Clean is an interesting product and helps clean cracks and crevices in most areas.  Showing students how they can use Cyber Clean in an infection control program or health initiative is effective.  Most students probably do not think about the consequences of not cleaning certain areas until it is discussed in a hygiene training.  I have used cyber clean to clean keyboards which hold a high concentrations of germs.  Hands frequently have a high number of germs because we are always touching things.  Since our hands fuel the keyboard strokes, you will have to constantly clean your school, work or home computers.


Cyber Clean Foil Zip Bag 2.65 oz

If you would like to test the Cyber Clean system, this pack is the best for starters.  If you are conducting a hygiene training or infection control program, this volume of Cyber Clean is not sufficient.  You will need more in order for you to pass around the Cyber Clean for students to use and try out.  Most people can find multiple uses once they see how effective it cleans in cracks and crevices.  In schools, teachers can use it to clean activity areas, eating areas, toys, utensils and many other effects that are frequently touched by children.  In many instances, it is nearly impossible to clean the small areas and that leaves harmful agents that can get the classmates or employees sick.


Cyber Clean 12 Piece

Depending on your group, it may be an effective option to buy larger quantities of Cyber Clean (continuous infection control trainings, many areas with cracks and crevices to clean, etc.).  You may even want to consider giving away Cyber Clean to students to try out at home or as a gift for completing hygiene trainings or other continuing education courses.  Send the cyber clean home with students or employees and have them try it out on items, devices and other areas that germs may frequent.  Have them report back on how well cyber clean worked and how having those areas cleaned will improve the health conditions.


Cyber Clean Multi Pack

The Cyber Clean Multi Pack is recommended for larger classes or for instructors with multiple groups.  Most have not tried Cyber Clean, but OUTFOX has seen many people come to love what the product does for the hygiene and infection control levels of the area.  Hygiene lessons that deal with Cyber Clean cultivate topics about cleanliness, environmental cleaning and other health information.  Make sure to buy multiples to ensure all students have enough to test.  Buy extra if possible just in case there are additional uses that you find for your students to try. 


Splat Blue Electro Cleaning Putty Foil 3 oz

Splat Blue is similar to Cyber Clean but is not as highly recommended by OUTFOX.  However, Splat Blue is an effective alternative to Cyber Clean for your health, infection control or other hygiene discussion sessions.  Splat Blue has many uses and effectively cleans in the small areas that harbor germs and other harmful agents.  The blue color is more difficult than the green to tell when particles are attached during cleaning.  You should be creative in your consideration of where this cleaning tool can be used.  Phones, tablets, game controllers, remotes and other electronic devices are perfect items that you can focus on to clean.  Having a cleaner device will ultimately help you live healthier.


Splat Blue Electro Cleaning Putty Cup 3 oz

Splat Blue is similar to Cyber Clean system but is not as highly recommended by the OUTFOX team.  Splat Blue is an effective alternative for your health promotions, infection control activities or other hygiene discussion sessions.  The best way to become familiar with this product is to buy a small amount (3 oz is small) and test to see how much you can get cleaned.  Once it is determined on the amount that you will need for your cleaning project or to have stocked for cleaning time, you will have a better idea as you order from OUTFOX.  If you would like a consultation before you buy a large amount, please give us a call.  Splat Blue in health organizations can be used to clean nursing stations, pens, pencils, small devices and other areas that may have germs.