Environmental Cleaning Product Reviews

Environmental Cleaning


Pocket Purifier: UV ultraviolet Germ Eliminating Light

OUTFOX recommends using the pocket purifier especially on areas that are not able to be washed or sanitized frequently (furniture items and other fixtures).  Furniture is hard to clean without taking it apart or replacing items so it may be best to use the less invasive light.  Show students and employees how to use the pocket purifier during a hygiene lesson or other infection control training program.  Turn on the wand (verify power source) and swipe it over the items based on the manufacturer’s guidelines.  The ultraviolet light helps kill microorganisms with out using soap, water, chemicals or other cleaning agents.


Germ Guardian Air Sanitizer

Just turn on the Germ Guardian and let the air in your room get sanitized.  OUTFOX recommends continually cleansing the areas where many people gather (schools, medical organizations, restaurants, etc.).  Show the students how to best clean the environment in a health promotion program.  Plug in the device, place it in an area with open access and let the air be filtered.  According to the manufacturer’s guidelines, clean the device frequently for best results.  This air sanitizer is great way to another way to work within the scope of Airborne Precautions (Air sanitizers currently not listed in Standard Precautions).