School Discounts on Glo Germ with Tax Free Option

Use the following links to buy discounted fluorescent gel, powder, glo germ kits!  Looking for black lights?  See the following link:
Black Lights for Infection Control

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8 oz Gel
(8 oz Gel with Fluorescent Materials)See this infection control product review...

1.9 oz Powder
(1.9 oz Fluorescent Powder) 


Classic Gel Kit
(8 oz Gel, 1.9 oz Powder, Small flashlight Black Light, 1 Battery, Small Carrying Case)

Simple Gel Kit
(8 oz Gel, 1.9 oz Powder, 20" Bar Black Light)   

Mini Kit
(2 oz Gel, LED Keychain Black Light)  

Premium Mini Kit
(2 oz Gel, 1.2 oz Powder, LED Flaslight Black Light)

Powder Applicator with Powder
(Built in Powder in Applicator (Comes with 4 oz))