Fun Hygiene Products

Candy Blood Bag
World Confections, Inc
Get your students a fun gift as a hygiene reminder or give away as an activity prize!

Blood Candy Test Tubes
Pack of 12 Wildmart

Flix Candy Box of Boogers
3.5 oz. boxes (Pack of 12)

Ology - Germ Soap
Harmful Germs Version
Action Products

Ology - Germ Soap
Helpful Germs Version

Action Products


Pandemic: The Board Game!
Stop the spread of diseases to win the game and save the world!

Infection The Game!

1 Board game and pieces.  This game is perfect to help students remember hygiene and infection control terms and concepts.  Show them how to avoid INFECTION!

See this infection control product review... 

Scientific Explorer's Disgusting Science
A Kit for Studying the Science of Revolting Things

Scientific Explorer

The Magic School Bus: The World of Germs
Young Scientist Club

Rest Mat with Germ Guard 
Red Blue 3 Section
Children's Factory