Fun Hygiene Product Reviews

Fun Hygiene Products


Candy Blood Bag

Candy blood is recommended by OUTFOX for prizes, take homes or other reminders or hygiene lesson plans, infection control programs or initiatives dealing with blood borne illness.  Use this treat to complement any lesson with an infection control topic.  Blood borne pathogens are a great concern and should not be taken lightly.  Candy blood is not really recommended for elementary classroom prizes (can be for high school first aid classes or general health classes) but is great for medical professionals.  The blood is not meant to be morbid but a fun reminder of what they need to watch out for.  Feel free to paste organizational logos, stickers or other messages to the blood bags.


Blood Candy Test Tubes

Blood Candy Test Tubes are another way to complement an infection control program.  The test tubes can be prizes or reminders for hygiene lessons, infection control games or other activities related to infectious disease control.  Again, these are best given to medical professionals and not recommended for smaller ages (even though they may really enjoy them).  These play into the typical “nurse humor” and are enjoyed as great reminders.  Paste your organization’s logo or a specific lesson message to get the most of passing these tubes around.


Flix Candy Box of Boogers

Want to get the most out of the gross out factor in a hygiene lesson plan or infection control game?  These boogers are a great reminder when teaching about illness, disease, outbreaks or other infection control topics.  Kids have enjoyed the taste and texture of this candy- now pair it with a health lesson!  These boxed candies work well if sent home with messages attached or reminders to bring things for home (that will be used in a health week lesson, etc.).  Turning the conversation about coughing, sneezing and other ways we share germs into a fun game or activity (with the boogers as prizes) can have a lasting positive effect on the health standard of your class.


Ology- Germ Soap Harmful Germs

OUTFOX recommends making germ soap as an effective hands-on activity.  Sending students home with soap is a good reminder of the hygiene or infection control lesson you have shared in conjunction with a health program.  Making germ soap is fun and can be paired with any hygiene lesson, infection control game, standard precautions initiative and so forth.  Many people learn best with visuals or hands-on activities which this kit perfectly enables.  Some of the most memorable lessons come when students can “take a piece” of the message home with them to share with family, friends and others. 


Ology- Germ Soap Helpful Germs

In addition to making germ soap symbolizing harmful germs, you can also make soap symbolizing helpful germs.  Using these soap mold can be a fun reminder when paired with an OUTFOX hygiene lesson, infection control activity or other health promotion interventions.  Every time the student goes to wash his/her hands or sees the soap on his/her desk, they will be reminded about the lesson taught.  The kit is low cost but high on effectiveness.  Buying multiple kits and letting groups create their own works best.


Pandemic: The Board Game!

Save the world by stopping all the outbreaks!  Team up with the other teammates to keep the world’s population away from destruction.  OUTFOX recommends Pandemic because of the positive impact it has on students.  Use Pandemic in conjunction with any hygiene lesson, medical initiative or other infection control activity.  Pandemic doesn’t take a long time and will keep students engaged (use age and player numbers recommended on the box).  Before or after playing pandemic, relate the “macro” level of game to the “micro” situations that may happen in your school, medical organization or food service.  It’s easier and more effective for students to focus on how they can stop pandemics in their immediate organization rather than the world as a whole.  It is also effective to talk about the macro portion of the game and how your organization fits into the larger picture.


Infection: The Game!

Infection is a fun board game that helps students learn germ concepts and consequences.  Use Infection: The Game! when conducting a health awareness program, health week lesson or other infection control lesson program.  Infection is set up like many popular board games making it easy to understand.  This game will be listed for only a limited time because we have heard rumors that it may be going out of production.  If you would like to get your copy of this game, you will probably have to get it soon before it is out of stock.


Scientific Explorer’s Disgusting Science

Show the negative and gross side of germs with Disgusting Science.  OUTFOX likes this kit because of the gross out factor it creates.  Disgusting Science is most effective when used together with hygiene programs, health week activities or other infection control classes.  There are many aspects of health that students can learn from this kit.  Unlike other kits that focus on a narrow subject, this kit allows students to create many disgusting things.  You may have to get a few kits depending on the size of your classroom.  The topics and creations are best conducted in small groups.


The Magic School Bus: The World of Germs

The Magic School Bus kit is effective at helping students visualize germs and the effects of poor hygiene.  OUTFOX recommends this product because it enhances infection control topics, hygiene principles, and teaches students to maintain a clean environment.  The Magic School Bus is a recognized brand by parents and children.  Pair this kit with other books (see Related Readings) that have been produced by The Magic School Bus.  Read the recommended group sizes for the activities and buy the amount of kits necessary to include all the students in the class.


Rest Mat with Germ Guard

The Rest Mat is perfect for schools, preschools, daycares, home school groups or other children groups to help avoid illness and disease.  Parents and teachers can help maintain clean environments by upgrading children’s mats to the Rest Mat, increasing the level of infection control.  You likely will be purchasing a mat anyway for your child or students, why not buy one that has a germ guard?  Some may argue that having facilities or homes “too clean” will inhibit the immune defense systems of children.  While this is sometimes true, areas with lots of children are often way under sanitized to be considered “too clean.”  We recommend having certain tools in place to reduce germs (sleeping mats for example) and ultimately teaching the students to act responsibly to increase their health and the health of those around them.