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Giant Microbes


Giant Microbes Swine Flu

Have fun with infection control!  Give a face and character to a common outbreak virus.  Add this plush germ to your classroom and leave it out where students can be reminded about past hygiene lessons.  Swine flu was an outbreak that affected the world for a short time but more importantly it showed that outbreaks are always waiting in the wings.  The new flu strain caused a huge panic that helped many organizations vamp up efforts to fight against disease.  Swine flu still exposes itself in random situations, most times in lower income areas.  Most doctors concluded that the best defense mechanism is to wash one’s hands.

Giant Microbes E. Coli

Use this plush germ in hygiene lessons as you profile different germs and viruses.  Give this Giant Microbe to a student or employee when they answer hygiene or infection control questions correctly.  E. coli strings are normal causes of food poisoning and are at the heart of a many product recalls.  E. coli problems are often encountered during times that mass food is produced and stored (lack of refrigeration or heating) or when unskilled people prepare food at home.

Giant Microbes Kissing Disease

Are your students getting to the age where kissing is common?  Using this Giant Microbe in a hygiene lesson about kissing and other related topics can be effective.  Kissing is an important hygiene topic because it is two individuals sharing bodily fluids.  Many germs, viruses and so forth are shared when someone comes in contact with someone else’s fluids.  It is best to address this topic early in a person’s life (middle school health education) so they can be fully aware when kissing becomes more common.  This Giant Microbe will be a good reminder of a taboo subject.

Giant Microbes White Blood Cell

What do white blood cells do for your body?  Show how white blood cells can help in a health demonstration.  Using a Giant Microbe gives a visual character for your students to imagine as you discuss infection control topics.  White Blood cells are the defense mechanisms of the human body.  In order for a person to stay healthy, bodies need to continually produce white blood cells.  Engaging in healthy acts, preventative measures and so forth will help a person OUTFOX disease and illness.  Some learn better when they know that when they engage in healthy habits, it allows the body to build defenses through white blood cell production.  Give your students or employees a great reminder! 

Giant Microbes Chlamydia Plush

Do you want to give your friends a fun gift?  Joking about hygiene and infection control can reinforce principles to keep them in the forefront of people’s minds.  Methods outside of a formal hygiene health lesson can be more effective with props and examples.  Chlamydia is a larger problem than most believe it to be.  Many people believe that Chlamydia and other communicable diseases are only present in low income areas where immoral business practices are visible on the street.  The truth is that Chlamydia can be present in most situations where multiple partners is involved.  Getting the word out and how to best prevent future diseases is an important task that can be accomplished in many situations. 

Giant Microbes MRSA

Since MRSA is an increasingly growing concern in the infection control field, this Giant Microbe is a must for any hygiene, health or infection control program.  MRSA is what some call a superbug that is increasingly a outwitting cleansing agents.  MRSA is not widespread at this point but could be disastrous if not controlled.  Some of the best ways to combat MRSA is include hand washing, cleaning your environment and being socially responsible when it comes to risk management.  Many people try to over think the use of drugs and other cleaning agents, but it can be simple risk management techniques that any person can do.


Giant Microbes Herpes

This Giant Microbe is best used as a gag gift but also can be used in a health, hygiene or infection control lesson.  The Herpes Microbe is a great way to get attention and bring humor into the lesson.  This microbe stuffed toy can be used more than something to give away to friends in humor, it can be used to teach valuable lessons for better health.  Lessons to prevent herpes are best in middle school and high school health classes.  Similar to Chlamydia, the herpes virus is more common than most think.  Avoiding herpes can be avoided if one uses preventative measures that can be taught in the classroom. 


Giant Microbes Mad Cow

Mad Cow is not a common disease, but it is a very popularly named Giant Microbe.  Inclusion of the Mad Cow Disease Giant Microbe adds more fun to a lesson and increases the educational quality of the information.  The typical person is most likely not in the position to significantly affect an outbreak of Mad Cow.  The general best way to reduce the effect of mad cow on you or your family it stay up to date on the world disease statuses (available on the CDC sites or other information channels).  The World Health Organization (WHO) is the national resource for pandemic information.


Giant Microbes HIV

Although the topic of HIV is less focused on than 10-15 years ago, discussing HIV is necessary for every infection control program (it affects so many people worldwide).  People must be constantly reminded to not share bodily fluids even if it is assumed that HIV or other germs/viruses/etc. are not present.  Recent celebrity contractions of HIV have propelled it into the forefront of many people’s minds, but studies show that most quickly forget.  Teaching correct hygiene principles for prevention are effectively followed up if you include details to the Giant Microbe’s character and dramatization (i.e. give it a name and personality). 


Giant Microbes Salmonella

Salmonella is a common occurrence in our current environment.  With proper hygiene and attention to infection control, many cases of salmonella could be eliminated.  Salmonella is found in restaurants, school kitchens, farms and your personal refrigerator.  Use the Giant Microbe for food safety and washing hands classes (after touching raw foods and animals).  Food handling courses can increase their effectiveness if the instructor adds a fun element and not bore the class with facts.  If the students learn a good few concepts really well, it will be better than them learning more concepts but not grasping the importance.  Buy one to show a visual.  Have the students pass around and name places where salmonella will likely be hiding. 


Giant Microbes Heat Warming Gift Box

OUTFOX recommends this package because of the variety of microbes it contains.  As an instructor, you will be able to relay many hygiene and infection control principles by profiling each Giant Microbe included in the kit.  You can save money by buying them in bulk.  Having a variety of plush microbes is beneficial because you never know when a new outbreak will occur and you are forced to teach a lesson to reduce the effects.  A prepared teacher is a good teacher.  Giant Microbes are great visual tools that help many types of students or employees learn best.  Placing Giant Microbes around the classroom or office can serve as constant reminders of how to live healthier lives.

Giant Microbes Heart Burned Gift Box

OUTFOX recommends this Giant Microbe gift box because of the amount of germs that you will be able to profile and discuss in an infection control and hygiene program.  They are cute characters that can be left around the classroom or work area to continually remind students and employees about health topics.  You don’t want to give chocolates as a gift?  Give the gift of health with this box of Giant Microbes.  Gift boxes can also be purchased for charity that can be delivered to hospitals, lower income schools and organizations that specialize in helping children (YMCA, Community groups, etc.).