Hand Washing Timer Product Reviews

Hand Washing Timer


Ariel Musical Hand Wash Timer

Help make hand washing fun with this Disney themed timer!  This timer is perfect for emphasizing a hygiene lesson or infection control activity.  Buy this timer when you conduct an infection control training so that the timing and habit of hand washing can be accentuated.  Place the timer next to hand washing stations at your school, work or home.  Next, teach users that they should scrub the water and soap lather for the duration of the timer (washing the front, back, areas between the fingers, knuckles, wrists and all other areas).  Finally, have them rinse off the dirt and soap, drying their hands with a clean towel (use the towel to turn off the know and bathroom door for maximum benefit).


Mini LED “Wash and Brush” Timer

Are you struggling to get students to understand how long they should be washing their hands or brushing their teeth?  This timer is recommended by OUTFOX as the best to buy for your class, department, company or family.  To not confuse your students or family with a random timer by the sink, buy this timer before your hygiene or infection control training.  Add a section to your training that deals exclusively with timing for hand washing and show them how to use the timer.  Alert them that the timer will sit by the sink to remind them of the hygiene training that you are conducting.  Follow up with them that the timer is being used effectively.