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Games, Labs and Other Trainings


Infection: The Game!

Infection is a fun board game that helps students and employees learn concepts and consequences about germs and infection.  Use Infection: The Game! when conducting a health awareness program, health week program or other infection control lesson program (blood borne pathogens, hand washing, environmental cleaning, glove removal, mask removal, etc.).  Use the age and player numbers recommended by the creators of the game for maximum effect.  Before and after the game, emphasize parts of the game that were applicable to the current situations in your school or organization.  The game should initiate interesting topics of discussion and ultimately lead to a heightened awareness for better health.


Pandemic: The Board Game!


Save the world by stopping all the outbreaks and building laboratories!  Team up with the other teammates to the save world’s population from destruction.  Make a wrong move and the viruses grow to an unmanageable proportion.  OUTFOX recommends Pandemic because of the positive impact it has on students.  Use Pandemic in conjunction with any hygiene lesson, infection investigation, medical initiative or other infection control activity.  It is imperative that you relate the broad topics from the game to your school or organization.  Students or employees will learn better if you discuss current problems in your school or organization rather than “global problems.”  It is also effective to show them how your school or organization fits in the overall scheme of the state/country/world to OUTFOX illness and disease.