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Childrens Books
related to hygiene

Germs Make Me Sick

Miss Bindergarten Stays Home From Kindergarten

Itchy, Itchy Chicken Pox 

Achoo: Good Manners Can Be Contagious 

The Magic School Bus: Inside Ralphie

Germ Zappers 

Oh The Things You Can Do That Are Good For You

Germs Are Not For Sharing

What Are Germs?
General Books
related to health, infection control and hygiene

Outbreak! Plagues That Changed History 

The Great Influenza

Germs, Genes and Civilization

Ebola: The Plague Fighters

Flu: The Story Of The Great Influenza Pandemic 

Superbug: The Fatal Menace Of MRSA

Swine Flu/ H1N1- The Facts 

Survival Of The Sickest 

Infection: The Uninvited Universe
Childrens Books
related to hygiene (Continued)

The Magic School Bus Chapter Book #06: The Giant Germ- John Speirs

Germs Are Not For Sharing

Germs! Germs! Germs!

Those Nasty Dirty Downright Disgusting But... Invisible Germs

Your Skin And Mine

Achoo: The Most Interesting Book You'll Read About Germs 

Germs On Their Fingers

Those Ooey Gooey Winky Blinky But... Invisible Pinkeye Germs.