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Germs Make Me Sick

OUTFOX believes that germs can make anyone sick.  This book is popular because it connects germs and the negative effects of being sick.  This book is most effective when paired with other hygiene or infection control materials (hygiene trainings, infection control games, hygiene lessons, etc.).  Read this book to your students or have them construct their own version of this book to share in the class and at home.


Miss Bindergarten Stays Home From Kindergarten

This children’s book is one of OUTFOX’s favorite.  OUTFOX even features this book in one of their hygiene lesson plans in the Hygiene Instructional Manual.  Important topics include health, wellness, infection control, hygiene principles and much more.  This book uses the example of an absent teacher to teach principles that will help the class stay healthy.


Itchy, Itchy, Chicken Pox

Most schools and children can relate, chicken pox itch!  Use this book to emphasize better hygiene principles and add it to a health promotion program, hygiene lesson, wellness training or other infection control program.  If your students have not gone through the chicken pox stage, they can learn what to expect when an outbreak occurs.  Use this book to talk about other communicable diseases that they may experience in addition to chicken pox.


Achoo: Good Manners Can Be Contagious

OUTFOX enjoys this book because it emphasizes the need for good hygiene principles and how children can set an example with good health habits.  Use with a variety of health lessons, hygiene teachings and other infection control activities.  Children may giggle when they hear sneezes, but they also need to be aware of the effects of the sneeze.  Teaching them early how to be more socially responsible and not get others sick can make for huge improvements in the health status of your students.


The Magic School Bus: Inside Ralphie

Your students will love to read this story as the inside of Ralphie is explored!  OUTFOX recommends this book as an introduction to a hygiene lesson or for the kick off activity for health week.  Have your students ever wondered aloud about the inside of their bodies?  Are they grossed out with bodily functions?  This book acts as a good conversation starter for taboo subjects with students.


Germ Zappers

Germ Zappers give a fun twist on hygiene programs and other lessons regarding infection control.  Germ Zappers the book helps relay a health topic to a young crowd in an effective way.  Add to any hygiene lesson.  Making hygiene fun can increase the effectiveness of the subsequent lessons you teach.  Animating the thought of germs and “zapping” them to stay healthy will stick with them for years to come.  Follow up this book with posters that read “Zap those Germs!” around sinks and hand sanitizer stations.


Oh The Things You Can Do That Are Good For You (Dr. Seuss)

Who doesn’t love the genius of Dr. Seuss at a young age?  OUTFOX recommends this book to help children get excited about health promotion, hygiene principles, and other infection control topics.  Children learn well in rhythms, poems and other memory friendly forms (i.e. songs).  Learning about hygiene is not an exception! Increase the health status of your classroom by teaching lessons that are fun and address taboo subjects.  Purchase a copy for each student as a gift or just have a classroom copy available for students to access.

Germs Are Not For Sharing

The title says it all for this book- Germs are not for sharing!  Help your students learn that germs are not for sharing or else negative consequences could occur (illness, disease, death, etc.).  Any hygiene lesson or infection control program is strengthened when this book is added to poster presentations, hygiene stories or other infection control games.  Children are taught to share, share and share when they are young- but germs are definitely not good things to share!  You can even use this book in connection with “sharing” activities.  For example, you can point out things they should share (i.e. classroom resources, toys, etc.) and things they shouldn’t share (hats, combs, brushes, drinks, straws, etc.). 


What Are Germs?

This book teaches basic principles about germs and the consequences of not getting rid of harmful germs through hand hygiene, environmental cleaning and other infection control tasks.  You cannot assume that students are getting adequate information about germs and hygiene at home.  Depending of demographics of your school, preschool, childcare and so forth, the hygiene standards may be extremely low at home.  Good habits taught in the classroom can be transferred into their home setting if parents are notified.  Hence, seek for parental support for any health lesson taught.


The Magic School Bus Chapter Book #06: The Giant Germ

The Magic School Bus has created yet another successful book about germs with “The Giant Germ.”  This book also complements The Magic School Bus Germ Kit found in the Fun Hygiene Products section.  Students will learn about the importance of hygiene and avoiding germs through infection control procedures.  The Magic School Bus learning curriculums are well known and well accepted by children.  If you are wanting parents to have access to books they can share with children at home, TMSB are easy to find and are a good price.


Germs Are Not For Sharing

Another great version of “Germs Are Not For Sharing.”  This book is a staple for teachers and parents that are trying to teach about hygiene and infection control.  We always are teaching children to share their toys, but we need to make sure they are not sharing their germs!  Hygiene lessons, hygiene habits and infection control games are important to teach at a young age.  Conduct a “share” time activity with their favorite things to share.  At the end of the activity, have a discussion on things that they shouldn’t share (including personal effects, eating and drinking utensils, etc).


Germs! Germs! Germs!

A book all about germs!  OUTFOX considers this book as one of the best resources for teaching young children about health, hygiene and infection control.  It enhances any hygiene lesson plan, infection control training manual or other health promotion.  Send this book home with students so they can help teach family members, friends and associates about the importance of avoiding germs.  Teach them that the more people that are aware of germs, the less they will feel ill (have coughing, sneezing, sick feelings, etc.).  Consider having the students work on developing their own versions (coloring, drawing and writing dialog) to hang up in the classroom.


Those Nasty Dirty Downright Disgusting But… Invisible Germs

OUTFOX recommends this book based on germ illustrations and the messaging.  Teaching that germs are invisible is a hard concept to relay.  Paired with an infection control program, this book will help drive home hand hygiene principles and other infection control lessons.  Although it may take some for the students to grasp that millions of germs are invisible to our eyes, they will be benefited in the end.  Instead of the normal “2 second hand wash” where they wet their hands only, students will think of the effects of not using soap and scrubbing for at least 20 seconds.


Your Skin and Mine

Hand hygiene lessons can be improved with a short lesson about the human skin.  This book points out that our first line of defense is our skin and that skin is also the greatest cause of spreading germs… since we touch everything!  Teach hand washing, hygiene principles and other infection control topics with this book.  Having students closely investigate the cracks and crevices in their own skin is a good activity.  Using Glo Germ in conjunction with this book can increase the overall effectiveness and get students to wash up more often.  Signs near sinks or other wash/sanitation areas help reinforce principles.


Achoo: The Most Interesting Book You’ll Read About Germs

What is one major way we spread germs?  Sneezing!  Achoo!  OUTFOX recommends this book because it talks about germs and hygiene principles from a different angle than other books.  In order to stay healthy and not get others sick, students should be learning hand washing, hygiene habits, cough and sneeze control and much more.  Teaching how to wash hands, cover their mouth and nose, use tissues, etc. is a great way to celebrate health week or to get your students ready at the beginning of the school year.  Achoo! Cover that sneeze!


Germs On Their Fingers

Hands in general have some of the highest concentration of germs in comparison to other external parts of our bodies.  OUTFOX recommends this book while teaching lessons about hand washing, environmental cleaning and other infection control topics.  Conducting a classroom full of children that are lacking in health knowledge can be a daunting task.  Students and faculty members often miss school time due to illness which can significantly affect grades, classroom unity and the overall health standard.  The best thing you can do is get students onboard with higher health standards early in the school year and get parents involved.  Send this book home to break the ice with the parents!


Those Ooey Gooey Winky Blinky But… Invisible Pinkeye Germs

Has your class or family ever had an outbreak of pink eye?  Hopefully not, but probably yes.  This book is perfect for any time of the year.  The teachings of this book are especially helpful in the event of an outbreak (whether at home or in a classroom) or at the beginning of semesters or trimesters.  Teaching hygiene lesson plans, hand washing and other infection control lessons will help your students or children avoid illness and disease.  Teaching children to not rub their faces with their hands, wash up often and not share with others will greatly improve the likelihood of your classroom staying safe.  Make sure to teach these principles before and outbreak occurs!


Outbreak! Plagues That Changed History

This book is recommended as a motivational read about infection control topics.  Learning about the widespread effects of illness and disease will emphasize topics of hand washing, health promotion and other infection control principles.  The recommended reading for adults can be good motivator for them to accept higher standards as an employee at a school, medical organization, or food service.  Outbreaks can stem from one person or group- don’t let your organization suffer the outbreak effects and embarrassment!


The Great Influenza

Reading the Great Influenza gives an interesting perspective of what is possible if there were not so many people and organizations working for better health conditions.  Ever wonder why there is so much work that goes into the cold and flu season (vaccinations, propaganda, news stories, initiatives, community events, etc.)?  Read this book to gain perspective and appreciate (and maybe change your ways) the work of thousands to create a healthy future.  You can join the fight against illness and disease- maybe this will be the motivator!


Germs, Genes and Civilization

A review regarding the book Germs, Genes and Civilization will soon be available.  Check back to see how it can improve a hygiene or infection control program for your class or department.

Ebola: The Plague Fighters

A review regarding the book Ebola: The Plague Fighters will soon be available.  Check back to see how it can improve a hygiene or infection control program for your class or department.

Flu: The Story of the Great Influenza Pandemic

A review regarding the book Flu: The Story of the Great Influenza Pandemic will soon be available.  Check back to see how it can improve a hygiene or infection control program for your class or department.

Superbug: The Fatal Menace of MRSA

A review regarding the book Superbug: The Fatal Menace of MRSA will soon be available.  Check back to see how it can improve a hygiene or infection control program for your class or department.

Swine Flu/H1N1 – The Facts

A review regarding the book Swine Flu/H1N1 - The Facts will soon be available.  Check back to see how it can improve a hygiene or infection control program for your class or department.

Survival of the Sickest

A review regarding the book Survival of the Sickest will soon be available.  Check back to see how it can improve a hygiene or infection control program for your class or department.

Infection: The Uninvited Universe

A review regarding the book Infection: The Uninvited Universe will soon be available.  Check back to see how it can improve a hygiene or infection control program for your class or department.