OUTFOX Testimonials

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Teacher Testimonials

"Since my school started using germBLING, I have noticed a difference in the health and hygiene of my students. Our students are able to remind each other of good habits and help everyone at our school keep germs away. Teachers and students are healthier and happier!"
David Gomez
Gourley Elementary

"First grade classrooms are a great place for germs so I was very excited to use this program!  My students loved seeing the germs on their hands and have definitely picked up better handwashing habits after seeing them. This type of program is a MUST for my classroom every year!"


Amanda Tolman

First Grade Teacher 

"As a preschool teacher, I am constantly surrounded by germs.  From sneezing, coughing, putting items in mouths, and using the same resources and toys, there is great potential for the spread of germs. At their young age, children are unaware of the causes and spreading of germs and must be taught proper preventative techniques. This program gives teachers a guideline on how to teach these essential techniques. OUTFOX provides well-structured lesson plans and interactive activities that allow for all types of learners and presents it in a kid-friendly way.  Relating germs to “scary monsters” has helped my students remember to wash their hands, not just when I tell them to. It gives them a concrete object to focus on rather than an abstract idea. I would recommend OUTFOX to any teacher as it closely follows and relates ideas presented in the curriculum and gives them useful resources for teaching  sanitation and ways to prevent germs in the classroom." 
Mandy Olsen
Preschool Teacher
Minneapolis, MN
Medical Testimonials

“This product has been extremely instrumental in illustrating the proper prevention of spreading diseases and proper hand washing techniques. I have used this product to teach all levels of people from college level Health Education students to pre-school students. This is a great tool! It makes learning fun!”




Health Care Manager

Salt Lake City, Utah

Food Safety and Other Testimonials

“As a parent I was stumped and was unsure of how to teach my children to properly wash their hands. We checked out movies on hand washing from the library but were still unable to get our kids to wash their hands properly. I was concerned that our kids were spreading their sicknesses by not washing their hands properly. I heard about this product and decided to give it a try. It was the best thing I have ever done! The kids loved the interactive learning of this program. The hands on activity allowed them to conceptualize the spread of germs and helped them learn how to "wash all of the germs off". I would recommend this product to all parents!”



Health Conscientious Parent

West Jordan, Utah

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