Glo Germ in a Dental Office Increases Infection Control Levels

Use Glo Germ to teach higher hygiene and infection control principles in your dental office.  See the Glo Germ Kit Links below to purchase or learn more about the Glo Germ System.  The following are examples of common uses of Glo Germ with Dentists, Dental Hygienists and other Dental Assistants.
  • Teach Hand Washing
  • Cleaning Instruments
  • Cleaning Chairs and Rooms
  • Demonstrate How Germs are Flipped Around During Dental Work
  • Proper Glove Removal (Germs Flipped Around the Room)
  • Proper Gown Removal (Not Spread Extra Germs)
  • Environmental Cleaning
  • The Spreading of Germs Concept

Fluorescent infection control materials (fluorescent gel, fluorescent powder, and UV black lights) have been used in dental offices for many years.  Dentists love how the simulation germs become a real concept to dental hygienists and assistants.  Most employees understand that germs are real, but the illuminated germs (glow germs) show how their daily tasks can increase or decrease the germ content in the office. 

Glo Germ is the highlighted brand but it can be used interchangeably with GlitterBug (Brevis).

Glo Germ Supply Kits

(2 oz Fluorescent Gel, LED Keychain Black Light)  


(2 oz Fluorescent Gel, 1.2 oz Fluorescent Powder, LED Flashlight Black Light)

(8 oz Fluorescent Gel, 1.9 oz Fluorescent Powder, Small flashlight Black Light, 1 Battery, Small Carrying Case)