Healthcare and Glo Germ

How to Start OUTFOXing?
You can choose to OUTFOX by obtaining trainings, materials and services in a package or individually.

OUTFOX helps you:
  • -Reduce Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs)
  • -Teach fun and engaging health/hygiene lessons
  • -Save time with health lesson development (many lessons are already developed for you)
  • -Target problem areas where germs are being spread
  • -Reduce the likelihood of an embarrassing illness outbreak
  • -Get everyone aligned with good health and hygiene (employee orientation/CE)
  • -Reduce absences due to illness (Employees and Managers)
  • -Maintain a clean environment for staff, patients and visitors
  • -Save money by reducing negligent claims AND MUCH MORE!

 Package 1: Starter

 Package 2: Regular

 Package 3: Supreme


Glo Germ Mini Kit

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Glo Germ Premium Mini Kit

(2 oz Gel, 1.2 oz Glo Germ Powder, LED Black Light Flashlight

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Glo Germ Classic Gel Kit

(8 oz Gel, 1.9 oz Powder, Small flashlight Black Light, 1 Battery, Small Carrying Case)

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Purchase Here

Package deals are the recommended option because they save you money and encompass all the needed aspects of a program (training, promotion, follow up, reward, etc.)
Individual Items
Obtaining items individually is good for classrooms that have had trainings in the past which need to be refilled or retooled for the new school period. 


What is OUTFOX?

Does your hospital, clinic or other medical organization OUTFOX infection?  Become an OUTFOX Certified Organization and join the elite who OUTFOX germs, illness and disease.  Just want to get sick less often, have the necessary teaching tools at your disposal and skip the certification?  That’s fine too. 

Why does OUTFOX work so well?

OUTFOX is more than a brand of trainings, products and services.  OUTFOX is a mindset that instills a sense of urgency into a person to motivate them to outsmart germs, health problems, diseases and so forth.  Similar to a fox outmaneuvering predators, organizational staffers need to be always looking for ways to beat infections to reduce negative effects.  More on the OUTFOX Mindset…


OUTFOX is a catchphrase used by medical organizations to bring professional staff members together under one goal and one mindset.  Slogans have long been known to help individuals accept and comply with initiatives.  Using a slogan brings congruency by getting your staff member to think along the same idea framework.


Examples of the catchphrase usage in a medical setting include:  What did you do to OUTFOX illness today?  How are we going to OUTFOX the measles outbreak found in pediatrics?  We’re going to have some continuing education courses to help us OUTFOX our hospital acquired infections.  Using proper hand hygiene principles will OUTFOX germs and help keep our department sanitary.  It doesn’t look like the environmental cleaning staff is OUTFOXing infections by leaving these areas dirty.  Properly removing your gloves OUTFOXes the spreading of germs to the next patient.  How does hand sanitizer help OUTFOX germs?  These new scrubs have been great for OUTFOXing germs!  Coughing into your elbow helps you and others OUTFOX the spreading of colds and flus.  And so forth.


In order for an infection control and hygiene program to be successful, everyone needs to be part of the initiative and using the catchphrase.  Hence, every staff member becomes part of the OUTFOX team.