Glo Germ for the Banking Industry

Glo Germ Teaches Hand Washing and Other Infection Control Principles

You handle money everyday... but where has that money been?  Here are only a few scenarios of the many ways that your money is contaminated and can make you sick:
  • -money handled after touching raw meats (markets)
  • -not washing hands after the restrooms
  • -money touched by hands contaminated by a cough or sneeze
  • -tips at strip bars
  • -drug exchanges
  • -money in pockets of sweating individuals
  • -money used to clean up messes
  • -money put in the mouths of busy individuals
  • -and so forth!

Teach your employees or co-workers how to consistently hand wash or sanitize after handling money. 

The Glo Germ system is a program that is easy to conduct.
(8 oz Gel, 1.9 oz Powder, Small flashlight Black Light, 1 Battery, Small Carrying Case)

Here's how you can use Glo Germ in your bank:

The Fluorescent Germs in the kit show how germs spread by using a UV Black Light.  Put germs on dollar bills and then have the employee do a simple task.  Use the black light to show how germs get onto hands, pens, money bills and other items in the workspace.  In addition, you can place the simulation germs on an employee's hand and let them go about a simple task (or shaking hands).  Afterward, show the spreading effects with the black light.  This type of training can also be done on door hands, pens in the lobby (or drive-through), bathroom sinks and other areas that germs spread in your bank. 

If you have questions about how you can incorporate an effective hygiene program into your bank please contact us.


I used to own a local pizza place that was frequented by a popular dancer.  She loved our food, but would only pay in one dollar bills.  Gross!  Her business was appreciated... and in way good especially because it prompted me to more diligently teach hand washing after handling money.  I took extra time to have my employees learn about germs that is present on money.  Glo Germ is a great way to show how germs spread and the importance of hand hygiene.  However, I should have let my bank know about the extra precaution they should have taken with the money.  -Lee   Salt Lake City, UT