Parched Lotion Stick

Clean water for hand washing

What is a critical element of effective handwashing? Clean water. So, when we have an opportunity to help a clean water charity out- we do!

The charity partnership we support is with Parched and The Water Project. The funds that are raised go to maintaining, training, and digging new water wells in Africa communities.

These African communities, in many cases, have not seen the clean water that can be produced from new wells. It also brings water closer to needy families. 

About the Parched solid lotion stick

The Parched solid lotion hydrates dry, cracked skin. Why is healthy skin a big deal in regards to infection control? Cracked skin can collect more germs and become infected easily. Having healthy skin protects against germ penetration.

In addition to healthy skin benefits, the solid lotion stick saves water in production since liquid lotion contains 50% water on average. So, saving water here and giving water in needy areas is best of both worlds!

How does the fund work?

$1 from every sale goes to The Water Project charity which helps maintain and dig water wells in the African communities. Instead of a short fund raising period, Parched continually raises funds as more items are sold over time. It’s that easy - one dollar at a time.

We like to see people in the community create products and offerings that not only benefit the consumer but charities and other needy geographics. Parched is a good example. So, you can help out and get a great body lotion.

Buy a Parched Lotion Stick and help moisturize Africa

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