The OUTFOX Mindset

Spread the Word- Not the Germ!

What is OUTFOX?


OUTFOX Mindset Testimony

Amanda Tolman, Educator

“The OUTFOX Mindset kit is a necessary program for hygiene and infection control education.  Whether you are a school teacher, infection control professional, head nurse or in charge of food safety, you need to help teach your group to have an infection control mindset- not just about prevention tasks.  The OUTFOX Mindset helps teach responsibility and unite your organization to achieve higher standards.”

OUTFOX is more than a brand of trainings, products and services. OUTFOX is a mindset that instills a sense of urgency into a person to motivate them to outsmart germs, health problems, diseases and so forth.

Similar to a fox outmaneuvering predators, your organizational members need to be always looking for ways to beat infections to reduce negative effects.
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How to Start OUTFOXing?

The best ways to OUTFOX infection include:
1) Obtain the OUTFOX Mindset Tools
2) Implement and Align the Program with Your Organization
3) Track and Retool the Program with Current Indicators
4) Reward and Incentivize Team Members

 Package 1: Starter

 Package 2: Regular

 Package 3: Supreme


Glo Germ Mini Kit


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Glo Germ Premium Mini Kit

(2 oz Gel, 1.2 oz Glo Germ Powder, LED Black Light Flashlight

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Glo Germ Classic Gel Kit

(8 oz Gel, 1.9 oz Powder, Small flashlight Black Light, 1 Battery, Small Carrying Case)

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Tools of the OUTFOX Mindset

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You can choose to OUTFOX by obtaining trainings, materials and services in a package or purchasing them individually.
It is recommended to purchase in a package to begin and then add individual products as the need arises in the future. Packages help you take a comprehensive approach which will ultimately be better for your organization.
Package deals are the recommended option because they save you money and encompass all the needed aspects of a program (training, promotion, follow up, reward, etc.)
Individual Items
Obtaining items individually is best for instructors that have conducted trainings in the past and are looking for supplies to be refilled or retooled for a new campaign.  Individual items can also be purchased to minimize initial investment amounts.