Aligning the OUTFOX Mindset with Your Organization

Align In Order to OUTFOX


Analyze your organization’s hygiene or infection control program.  Why is it not succeeding?  Most are not succeeding because they are not based on the underlying goals set for the organization.  Seek to get all of the small initiatives and campaigns aligned with the organization’s goals.  Using OUTFOX as a force to get all employees aligned has worked for other organizations and can work for you.  Contact OUTFOX Prevention for ways that you can get better results in your organization.  You can start by going to our website at   (More)


In closing, many of the benefits of using the OUTFOX mindset have previously been shared, but there are higher purposes above and beyond organizational numbers, compliance goals and so forth.  By OUTFOXing disease and illness, an organization can help individuals reduce suffering and progress towards a better life.  That is the ultimate goal.


So, what have you done today to OUTFOX infection in your organization?