Benefits of the OUTFOX Mindset

Benefits of OUTFOX?


OUTFOX helps you:

-Reduce Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs)

-Teach fun and engaging health/hygiene lessons

-Save time with health lesson development (many lessons are already developed for you)

-Reduce the likelihood of an embarrassing illness outbreak

-Get everyone aligned with good health and hygiene (employee orientation/CE)

-Develop multiple lessons depending on class needs

-Reduce absences due to illness (Employees and Managers)

-Maintain a clean environment for staff, patients and visitors

-Save money by reducing negligent claims

-And much more!

Too few infection control programs are successful.  There are many reasons that programs and initiatives fail.  Examples include: lack of program breadth, lack of communication, lack of funding, lack of follow up, lack of good messaging, lack of participation, lack of good ideas, lack of engaging activities, lack or measurement, lack of rewards, lack of consequences, lack of leadership and so forth.  From the example list provided, the two we find most crippling are the lack of program breadth and lack of participation.


An example of “lack of program breadth” may include the frequent and singular focus on hand washing campaigns.  Although these campaigns are good for awareness, there is little to keep employees interested for long periods of time.  There should be an underlying and visible infection control program that supports these hand washing campaigns and outlives a day, week, or month of promotion.  As stated earlier, employees from the top to the bottom of the organization need to be continuously engaged in the cause.  There needs to be a “big picture” program to show everyone the vision of their efforts.  This lack of program breadth feeds the second most recognized problem, the lack of participation in infection control programs.


If there is not enough going on or nothing to continually motivate an employee, they will soon lose interest and not keep their commitments.  With a good underlying program and catchphrases that every employee understands, more traction will be gained with separate daily, weekly or monthly campaigns.  When everyone is shooting for a common goal with a common mindset, a hand washing or personal protective equipment campaign will be more successful.