OUTFOX Mindset Posters

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The OUTFOX Mindset posters are very effective when posted in high traffic areas, around
employee information boards, around areas that experience the most problems with infections and so forth.  
The large fox icon acts as a constant reminder to management, employees and visitors that infection control is most effective when it is ingrained into every aspect of the job.  Infection control is a foundational concept that touches on everything that is done in your organization.  If everyone is not working together, they are working against the cause.  
Posters stick out with big bold messages, more so than stickers and other smaller reminders.  Posters alone should make up a campaign, they are only a small part of the OUTFOX Mindset.  You can use the posters provided, order other posters found on the OUTFOX website, or customize your own and add the digital fox icon.