OUTFOX Stickers and Magnets

To purchase the OUTFOX Mindset Stickers and Magnets separately from a package, please email us at this time (info@OUTFOXprevention.com).
After relaying the mindset lesson/training/initiative, posting the declaration, getting pledge signatures, posting the pledges and enacting other parts of your planned campaign, stickers should help remind members of your organization.  Stickers in areas where the employees will constantly see them will help deepen their understanding and commitment.  
Recommended sticker spots include: soap dispensers, hand sanitizers, tracking charts (nursing checklists, inspections, open/close, shift changes, etc.) cleaning instruction sheets (bathrooms, serving areas, etc.), glove boxes and other hygiene product areas.  Possible places to use the stickers are limited by your imagination and the available space.  Sticker up and get results!