OUTFOX T-Shirts, Bracelets, Hats, Ties, Mugs, Etc.

T-Shirts, Bracelets and other Items

Personal items that are handed out to employees encourage an OUTFOX Mindset at home as well as at work.  Those employees that practice good infection control principles at home are more likely to do the same as they go about their normal work duties.  It is not necessary to supply every employee with personal effects with the OUTFOX icons (T-Shirts, Bracelets, Hats, Ties, Mugs, etc.).  It is recommended to use these types of items for prizes, motivational gifts or rewards when good behavior is observed.  If there are items that we do not carry in the OUTFOX catalog, please feel free to use the digital icons to create any desired items.  Please share with us what you printed because other organizations may want the same good idea!