The OUTFOX Lesson and Introduction

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In order to get your organization aligned and started in the right way, conduct a lesson or effective announcement.  Setting out plans, expectations, consequences, rewards and so forth will help your organization’s members fully engage in the increased standards effort.
Creating the vision upfront will determine how effective follow up and reminder efforts will be and ultimately the results of the OUTFOX campaign.  The lesson should be modified according to the type of organization, size, structure, age of participants and so forth.  A full organizational analysis should be conducted or previously referenced/understood in order to properly introduce the OUTFOX Mindset.  
The OUTFOX Mindset Lesson is very simple, but can become rich and complex.  OUTFOX publishes a manual that specifically gives ideas and materials for lessons.  Manual inclusions are games, activities, other various lessons, worksheets, pictures, communicable disease information and much more.  The most important part is that everyone in the organization should be involved and receive an introduction that will help motivate them to OUTFOX.  If you can’t get their attention and support in the beginning, the chances of a successful campaign are diminished.