The OUTFOX Pledge

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The pledge is for employees, interns or other longer term members of the organization. The pledgee should reach every employee- from entry level to the highest executive. Getting a pledge signed from EVERY member of the organization solidifies principles with the employee’s commitment. Your organization will become strengthened when everyone is working towards a standard of high quality- even the top executive!
Depending on the size and structure of the organization, post the pledges in a central location for everyone to see. Visibility of everyone’s commitment (along with a posted declaration) will help employees reconfirm their dedication to high standards. If posting in individual departments or in many areas will increase exposure, feel free to post where you will get the best results.

Sample Pledge:

I pledge to abide by the goals, actions and duties set out in the OUTFOX declaration and additions (amendments) of my organization’s leadership....
(Picture of Sample Pledge)